KPB Nidhi Limited

KPB Nidhi Limited is a Public Limited company established in the year 1989 under section 620-A of Indian Companies Act 1956. It is a Nidhi ( mutual benefit) company where only members can transact and avail the facilities. The company has the approval from Government of India, Department of Company affairs (No. 37/13/90-CL III dated 13-12-1990) and Reserve Bank of India (DFC (BG) No. 6408 dated 29-01-1991).

To Become the most Trusted, Popular and affordable Financial Service Provider in the State of Kerala

We will protect and cherish the interests of all our stakeholder by providing transparent customer friendly financial products and solutions through exemplary customer service, By identifying the employees’ talents and developing them through motivation, recognition and rewards,By optimizing the returns to the shareholders ,By enforcing sustainable practices and by displaying respect to individuals and communities, By giving back to the Society through value creation

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